Fears & phobias

A phobia is an overwhelming, irrational and debilitating fear of absolutely anything at all. It can range from the fear of places, people, flying, food, a feeling, spiders, small spaces … the list is endless


Anxiety is a symptom/condition experienced by many different people on many different levels, and can be caused by a wide range of different issues.

Weight loss

For many, attempting to lose weight is often a long, difficult and challenging journey. Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight will be all too familiar with the stress, anxiety and frustration that comes with this. Many people often find themselves getting into a cycle of dieting, often resulting in the inevitable self-sabotage of overeating, which leads to guilt, disappointment and low-self-esteem, which then brings about the need to return to dieting. This negative cycle is often referred as ‘yo-yo’ dieting, and unfortunately is rarely sustainable, so eventual failure is inevitable...

Addictions & Habits

Although we commonly tend to think primarily of drug, alcohol abuse and gambling, it is actually possible to be come addicted to just about anything at all. It has been said by the NHS, that over two million people in the UK are currently struggling with dependency on either a particular activity, or reliance on a substance of some kind..